StadiaPitch is a highly flexible system. And pitch storage is no exception. Chose from outdoor storage utilising an existing paved area, or from climate controlled, internal pitch storage. The latter allows for extended periods of storage while still keeping your turf in great condition.

The StadiaPitch storage options fit your plans, both from a financial and an architectural perspective.

Outdoor pitch storage

Inexpensive option using available areas outside of the stadium.

Available paved areas nearby

The pitch can be stored on any flat area nearby the stadium. The modular nature allows for an almost fluid transformation from a complete pitch inside the stadium to a pitch which can be stored outside the stadium, either as single unit in the one location or as several smaller units in different locations, so utilising any available space.

StadiaPitch outside storage alternative
The pitch can be stored on paved areas outside the stadium.

Elevated platform

Elevated platforms allow for external storage without occupying valuable space for parking and for crowd management. In fact, when not used as storage, elevated platforms can increase the available parking or provide further public space for facilities and activities.

StadiaPitch storage on elevated platform outside
Platforms enable affordable external storage space even when space is scarce.

Internal pitch storage

Internal storage, using state-of-the-art environmental control systems and LED lighting, enabling the pitch to continue to grow and thrive, even in the dark, for extended periods of time.

Inside stadium

The StadiaPitch can be stored in available space within the stadium structure. 

StadiaPitch can be stored in available space within the stadium structure
Store your pitch in available space within the stadium structure.

External storage building

The modular nature of the pitch trays gives architects great flexibility in shaping the external storage. 

StadiaPitch allows for flexible chamber storage of the pitch
StadiaPitch storage offers great flexibility.