The smarter pitch choice.

For new and existing stadiums.

StadiaPitch is a sports pitch with an outstanding natural grass sports pitch that includes an automated pitch changeover system from Bosch Rexroth that reduces the conversion time between sports and events from weeks to hours. At the push of a button, the stadium can switch between a high-quality natural grass pitch and a concrete arena floor ideal for all events.

StadiaPitch equips your stadium, so it can host any future event, minimise operational costs, and boost stadium profits.

StadiaPitch provide the same benefits as sliding pitch, but at an affordable price. The price of a StadiaPitch is as little as 10% of the cost of a traditional sliding pitch. StadiaPitch can therefore provide game-changing return on investment for stadiums with an untapped concert and event potential.

Favourable funding available.

Covering up to 85% of the investment. So, the income from extra events can pay for the system

StadiaPitch offers exciting natural turf pitch solutions that help your multipurpose stadium business succeed.

Break the silence.

StadiaPitch by Bosch Rexroth helps new and existing stadiums go multipurpose.

A stadium is a natural meeting point. It's a place where people share some of the most memorable moments in their lives. Moments that involve the widest register of human emotions.

At most stadiums these events only take place according to the sports calendar. In the meantime, the stadium sit in silence, without a chance to do what it was built for – entertaining large audiences.

We render that the past. With StadiaPitch you can offer your stadium to a wide range of profitable activities, also during the sports season. On a concert-ready concrete floor, of course. Without sacrificing the most important stage of them all – the natural grass playing surface.

Modular flexibility.

At the push of a button, a StadiaPitch modular system gently transforms your natural turf sports arena into a perfect event venue with a concrete floor. And vice versa.

Event organisers prefer hard surfaces. Your players, of course, have a very different preference. StadiaPitch caters to them all. A surface changeover takes approximately 8 hours and is handled by a simply amazing robotic crew that lifts, moves and positions the turf modules with the highest precision.

The modular nature of the system means that during events, your pitch may be stored in a variety of configurations that suits your stadium, with optimal facilities for pitch maintenance.

Key features.

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Supreme playing surface

The natural turf surface is FIFA approved, providing the best possible playing surface

Smart edge joints

Our edge technology does not require physical force for pitch trays to create a unison, homogenous playing surface.

Pitch storage with care

Our storage solutions offers great pitch maintenance facilities, making sure the pitch is always ready for prime time.

The best changeover crew ever

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) provides autonomous transportation of the pitch modules.

High precision technology

Pitch trays are positioned at the right spot, every time. Both on the arena floor and in care.

Long life span

Highly reliable logistic technology. And annual pitch replacement is a thing of the past.

No stadium is the same. That’s why StadiaPitch is the perfect fit.

Stadiums come in all shapes and sizes. Some are located in a metropolis. Others in a small city, even a town. Some have great financial muscles, others don't. Still, StadiaPitch can be configured to meet your stadium’s event market potential, and your price point.

The system

Superb grass quality.

StadiaPitch offers the best playing surface seen in a modular pitch system, meeting FIFA regulatory standards for every game. In fact, despite being removable, the StadiaPitch behaves and feels like a permanent pitch.

Our event floor is superb too

Hosting events on a concrete surface offers key advantages over grass protective covering. 

The smarter pitch choice.

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