Sport hot swap 

Widen your sport offerings on natural grass with our dual pitch system.

Our dual pitch solution lets you offer exceptional experience for multiple sports. With pitch changeovers in as little as 8 hours, you can keep a tight schedule of sports and concerts. All year, and all in your stadium.

Unparalleled flexibility

Swiftly swap between sport fields and an event ready concrete arena floor. 

Improved pitch durability

Keep your pitch in perfect condition even during concerts and other events.

Low energy consumption

In addition to energy efficient changeovers, your pitches can be maintained outside in the open, without the need to compensate for overshadowing and other limiting factors. 

A sustainable solution

All buildings have a carbon footprint. From construction to the activities of its operations, stadiums are no exception. The construction of buildings is responsible for nearly 60% of human carbon emissions, that's why we believe increasing the utility rate is important as it prevents construction of other venues for events a stadium should be able to host. And what better example than our dual pitch system, that enables a single stadium to host sports that normally would require a stadium of their own.

Carbon footprint of pitch related operations also decreases with StadiaPitch. Efficient, electric AGVs require only a small workforce to oversee a changeover. The pitch is designed to collect and re-use drainage water. It can also be moved outside to take advantage of natural light and temperature.