The smarter pitch choice.

StadiaPitch makes new and existing stadiums truly multipurpose.

StadiaPitch smoothly transforms your pristine natural turf sports arena into a perfect event venue with a concrete floor. And back again.

Event organisers prefer hard surfaces. Your players, of course, have a very different preference. StadiaPitch caters to them all. A full surface changeover takes less than 8 hours and is handled by a simply amazing robotic crew that lifts, moves and positions the turf modules with the highest precision.

During events your natural turf can be stored in a variety of configurations that suits your stadium, with optimal facilities for pitch maintenance.

Increase your fan base.
And your income.

Fast, automated surface changeovers opens up for increased event activity, even during the sport season.

At most stadiums, events only take place according to the sports calendar. Between games, the stadium sits empty and in silence, without the opportunity to do what it was built for – entertaining large audiences.


More event activity

StadiaPitch enables arena floor activities all year round, even between games during the sport season.

Increased media attention

Get more media coverage and likes from a broader audience – from football fans to opera lovers and hard-rock ravers.

Expanded fan base

With more activity your stadium will attract a larger and wider fan base.

More valuable sponsorships

StadiaPitch means more events, more spectators and media exposure that boost the value of your sponsorships. 

Improved VIP offerings 

Concerts, spectacular shows and cultural events makes the VIP packages more interesting to a wider audience.

Positive community impact

StadiaPitch enables you to host more fantastic concerts and events that makes the city a more vibriant place to live, visit and do business.  

Smooth operator.

StadiaPitch leads the market in great innovations that improve the efficiency of your operations.

If your desire for increased stadium activity hits the wall because of pitch damage caused by events and time-consuming arena floor surface conversions and associated costs, look no further. Efficient, automated changeovers, a superb, event ready arena floor and no pitch recovery period after events opens up for new possibilities.


More consistent pitch quality

Being able to maintain your pitch in ideal conditions, even during a concert, enables you to serve a top quality pitch for every game.

More efficient operations

Experience dramatically reduced changeover tasks, costs and time compared to installing and removing conventional event flooring. 

Peace of mind

With minimal effort the best possible surface is on hand for all your scheduled activities.

Enjoy a pristine pitch even after events

There is no pitch surface protection like entirely removing it from the scene. Run your shows while the pitch sits safely in storage.

Fewer pitch replacements

The pitch will only experience wear from games. If pitch growth is difficult inside the stadium due to shading or climatic challenges, moving it out into storage can give some improvement in quality.

Superb event surface

A solid floor makes all event production faster and more cost-effective. And more enjoyable.

Meet your new pitch system.

A superb natural turf playing surface, fast event surface conversions and pitch maintenance in ideal conditions. StadiaPitch brings it all together.

With StadiaPitch you can offer your stadium to a wide range of profitable activities, even during the sports season. On a concert-ready concrete floor, of course. Without sacrificing the most important stage of them all – the natural turf playing surface.

The natural grass pitch is safely stored outside the stadium in a flexible manner on all days with concerts and other non-football events, allowing routine maintenance that ensures the playing surface can be kept in perfect conditions for the next game.

Upon pitch reassembly in the arena, the modules are positioned with millimeter precision, leaving a uniform playing surface with no detectable joints for the best possible game day experience.

The pitch

Developed and tested by the STRI Group, StadiaPitch offers the best natural turf playing surface seen in a modular pitch system, meeting FIFA regulatory standards for every game.

Clever logistics

Our expertise in Drive & Control systems ensures safe, fast and precise transportation of the pitch modules.

Safely stored

Providing the best conditions for pitch maintenance.

Rock hard!

Concert audiences will love your permanent, clean concrete event surface. So will the event managers.

No stadium is the same. That’s why StadiaPitch is the perfect fit.

Stadiums come in all shapes and sizes. Some are located in a metropolis, others in a small city or a town. Some are in planning and not even built. Whatever your situation is, StadiaPitch can be tailored to fit your event market potential and help your multievent business model succeed.

Icon single pitch system

Single pitch

A commercial game-changer for your stadium. 

Icon dual pitch system

Dual pitch

Allows you to enjoy your multievent business while catering for two sports, each on a dedicated natural turf playing surface.

Icon part pitch system

Part pitch

A unique solution for stadiums mainly targeting small and medium sized events, with the option to go large once in a while.

Icon alternative pitch module sizes

Custom module size

In addition to our standard module size we can offer bespoke larger tray sizes.

Icon alternative pitch module sizes

Large modules

Experience our full length pitch modular system with an incredibly compact storage footprint.

Architectural freedom.

The modular nature of StadiaPitch enables architects to perfectly integrate it into the chosen stadium design concept.

Favourable funding available.

Covering up to 85% of your investment costs.



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