The 365 business model

The stadium

A StadiaPitch will bring more events to the stadium and boost its potential. A StadiaPitch will make the grass greener, the changeover smoother, sponsorships more valuable, F&B revenue greater and event bookings more numerous and profitable.

  • More available event dates give more concerts, shows and other events all year around.
  • More concerts and events make the VIP packages more exciting and the media exposure greater.
  • Concerts and events increase the sales revenue from parking, VIP packages, sponsorship, F&B, and ticketing.
  • A wider range of events, from football to opera, means a more culturally diverse use of the stadium, making it more valuable to a wider range of people within the local community, which makes the stadium more important to the community and generates greater local political goodwill.
  • More events mean more days with fantastic revenues for the stadium retail outlets.
  • The quality of the grass is maintained consistently high, even in periods with lots of events and matches.
  • No more of the exhausting and time consuming flooring changeovers before and after every concert and event.
  • No more expenses such as those arising from: manual flooring changeover, new event floors, pitch repairs and pitch replacements.

In other words, a StadiaPitch investment will boost the whole stadium economy.

Increased concert and event business

As the pitch no longer limits bookings, the stadium is likely to hold and to attract more concerts, shows, corporate events and ticketed events. This will boost revenue streams from: stadium rental from the promoter or organiser; ticket sales; VIP ticket package sales; stadium parking sales; F&B revenue from VIP boxes, restaurants, regular arena kiosks, event day kiosks, crew catering and other catering; increased sales of concert and event related VIP packages and sponsorships; increased value of current and new sponsorships; and increased revenue from rental contracts.

The increased sponsor and VIP Business

As the pitch no longer limits bookings, the stadium is likely to hold more concerts, shows and events. Additional events and events with greater cultural diversity attract more spectators, new audiences and greater media exposure. So VIP packages will become bigger, more varied and more interesting to a wider audience. This makes sponsorships and VIP packages more numerous and valuable.

The new pitch economy

Costs such as manual pitch changeover, investments in event floors and event related pitch replacement will disappear. The cost of general pitch repair and replacement will normally be reduced, but there will be a few new operating costs after installment.

Almost all other event-related investments focus on boosting stadium match day revenue, making most modern stadiums. fantastic cash machines on event days. The StadiaPitch, on the other hand, focuses on increasing the number of event days, making previous stadium investments more profitable. This makes the StadiaPitch an extraordinary property investment for any major stadium currently with an unfulfilled concert and event potential.

The sponsors

A StadiaPitch means more events, more spectators and more media exposure. Most stadium sponsorships increase or decrease in value depending on the level of media exposure the stadium is able to generate. More concerts and events will therefore give more exposure and therefore add value to sponsorships, meaning they can be sold for more money. Sponsors can invite their clients and partners to more events and to a greater diversity of events. Concerts, shows and other events enable the stadium also to attract new sponsors that are not focusing on sports. Without a costly manual change-over and a fragile pitch to worry about, it also becomes easy to use the arena floor for various events held specifically for the sponsors. All of these factors increase the value of the sponsorships.

The home team

For the home team, a StadiaPitch installation means that its home stadium attracts more people, more activity and gets more media exposure. The club gets more to offer its sponsors – concerts, shows and events in addition to sports. With an accessible concrete arena floor, it is much easier for the club to get involved in a wider range of activities. A StadiaPitch also means more consistent high pitch quality, even in periods with many concerts, events and matches. The state-of-the-art, pitch storage building with climate control systems also makes the pitch less vulnerable to shading, climatic variations and periods with lots of matches.

International promoters

A StadiaPitch means many more available dates for concerts and events, both in and outside of the sports’ season. The fast, automated pitch changeover process makes more time available for the event organisers. The stadium can be rented for longer periods and it is easier to find room in the booking calendar to have double concerts. The events will be held on a concrete floor with few limitations as to the weight it can support or limitations as to the type of vehicle that can drive on it, which makes every event production faster and more cost-effective. A concrete floor is also ideal for popular motor racing and stunt shows.

Other event organisers

Organisers of goodwill events, corporate events and local cultural events often have limited budgets compared to the budgets for international stadium concerts. So they normally can`t afford the high stadium rental prices required by stadium owners to meet the enormous costs incurred by the manual pitch change-over process and other expensive pitch related  issues incurred by the owner after an event on the pitch. With a StadiaPitch, all of these costs and issues are history.  The venue operator now gets the freedom to adjust its rental prices so that it can still make a profit when holding smaller and more local events on their stadium arena floor: the stadium owner wins and the smaller event organiser wins!

The city

Every city with growth ambitions wants a stadium that attracts the biggest artists and the most spectacular shows. With a StadiaPitch, the grass would no longer limit bookings and so the city’s big stadium can now realise its full potential. A StadiaPitch, therefore, means more activities and greater cultural diversity within the stadium to make the city a more exciting place in which to live and a more attractive destination for visitors and tourists. Through having more events, the city`s sports team will get greater financial resources. Each concert attracts thousands of people who generate income from eating, drinking, transport and accommodation. This means significant taxable revenue both inside the stadium and for the city’s economy as a whole for every event. The fact that the greatest artists and the most spectacular shows chooses to perform in the city will help it to market itself, promoting it as an attractive and vibrant place in which to live and visit.