The smarter pitch choice.

StadiaPitch is a retrofit-friendly modular natural hybrid grass pitch with an automated changeover system that allows the stadium to effortlessly shift between football and concert modes in hours.

Smooth operator.

StadiaPitch improves the efficiency of your operations.

If your desire for increased stadium activity hits the wall because of pitch damage caused by events and time-consuming arena floor surface conversions and associated costs, look no further. Efficient, automated changeovers, a superb, event ready arena floor and no pitch recovery period after events opens up for new possibilities.

Improved availability and flexibility give more bookings

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Meet your new pitch system.

A superb natural turf playing surface, fast event surface conversions and pitch maintenance in ideal conditions. StadiaPitch brings it all together.

With StadiaPitch you can offer your stadium to a wide range of profitable activities, even during the sports season. On a concert-ready concrete floor, of course. Without sacrificing the most important stage of them all – the natural turf playing surface.

The natural grass pitch is safely stored outside the stadium in a flexible manner on all days with concerts and other non-football events, allowing routine maintenance that ensures the playing surface can be kept in perfect conditions for the next game.

Upon pitch reassembly in the arena, the modules are positioned with millimeter precision, leaving a uniform playing surface with no detectable joints for the best possible game day experience.

The pitch

Developed and tested by the STRI Group over four years, StadiaPitch offers the best possible natural turf playing surface.

The logistic system

Designed by Bosch Rexroth, StadiaPitch AGVs offers safe, fast and precise transportation of the pitch modules.

The pitch storage

A wide range of storage alternatives, all providing the best conditions for pitch maintenance during events.

The event floor

Concert event managers will love your permanent, clean concrete event surface.

StadiaPitch can be tailored to fit your unique stadium infrastructure. A cost-effective, retrofit friendly solution for small, mid-size and large stadiums.

Icon single pitch system

Single pitch

A commercial game-changer for your stadium. 

Icon dual pitch system

Dual pitch

Allows you to enjoy your multievent business while catering for two sports, each on a dedicated natural turf playing surface.

Icon part pitch system

Part pitch

A unique solution for stadiums mainly targeting small and medium sized events.


SCX Special Projects Ltd.

A global pioneer in kinetic architecture for sports stadia and entertainment venues.

Its work on the two retractable roofs at Wimbledon, and the ground-breaking retractable football pitch, surround and growlights at Tottenham Hotspur, has changed what the world expects of large-scale moving structures.

Nutcracker Solutions

The company was founded by entrepreneurs from the stadium industry. In addition to the design and development of the StadiaPitch, it offers consultancy to sport stadiums that are looking to improve their concert and event business.


Hydro is the world leader in designing and manufacturing aluminium solutions. It has 35,000 employees in more than 40 countries. Hydro is involved in an increasing number of major stadium projects worldwide.Hydro delivers the high precision aluminium StadiaPitch trays.


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