StadiaPitch is an automated sports field changeover system, allowing for back to back football matches and events like rock concerts.

At the push of a button, StadiaPitch automatically turns a traditional sports stadium into a multipurpose venue to make all non-match days available for concerts and other events. Our modular pitch solution is designed to enable a greater number of games and events to be held at both new or existing arenas while maintaining a supreme sports playing surface. Unlike the sliding pitch or retractable pitch solutions in the market, the StadiaPitch can also be installed at existing stadiums during a summer break.

The modular nature of our pitch trays provides architects with unmatched flexibility in terms of storing the pitch during event days.

The StadiaPitch will make the grass greener, the changeover smoother, the sponsorships more valuable, the F&B revenue greater and the event bookings more numerous and more profitable. 

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