StadiaPitch by Bosch Rexroth makes new and existing stadiums truly multipurpose


Boost your stadium’s potential

A modular pitch with a fully automated changeover system

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Change your perfect pitch to a concrete event floor in matter of hours

Pitch perfect!

Extensive research at STRI proves perfect conditions for the pitch both on and off the arena floor.

Your changeover team

Our standard pitch modules are 40m², but Bosch Rexroth can move modules of any size. With precision!

Rock hard!

With a StadiaPitch you always have the best suitable floor at your disposal. Even for concerts. Solid!

Watch it in action

Boost your stadium’s potential

The 365 business model lets you fill your calendar

Increase event activity and revenue throughout the year.

Financial incentives

Favourable government supported loans available.

StadiaPitch gives architects creative freedom

A flexible system that fits your vision. Not the other way around.

soccer player and football on a nice green natural grass playing surface

Meet our team

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Matthias Mehling

Bosch Rexroth Project Sales Group

Phone: +49 173 3410822



Claus Johannsen

StadiaPitch Sales

Phone: +47 971 58 050


Shailesh Topiwala

Bosch Business Development North America

Phone: +1 734 718-6712



David Gorman

StadiaPitch Sales North America

Phone: +1 312 259-2800


Come see for yourself

Visit our demo centre

Come visit our demonstration centre at the STRI research facility in lovely Bingley, West Yorkshire, UK.

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Boost your stadium’s potential


StadiaPitch Brochure

Bosch solutions for entertainment facilities

StadiaPitch in brief

Who we are

Turnkey solutions provider

Bosch Rexroth is part of the Bosch  Group. Bosch Rexroth has the main responsibility for the development of drive and control technology which move the pitch modules around with millimeter precision, pitch storage solutions, stadium integration and general product development. We have more than 30,000 dedicated associates across the globe who provide a local service to our clients anywhere in the world.

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Supply partners to Bosch Rexroth

STRI is recognised as the world-leading consultancy for sports turf design, construction and management. They are the consultants for the Olympic Committee, FIFA, UEFA and other international sports bodies. It provides advice on the development and maintenance of pitches to stadiums across the globe.

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Hydro is the world leader in designing and manufacturing aluminium solutions. It has 35,000 employees in more than 40 countries. Hydro is involved in an increasing number of major stadium projects world wide. Hydro is the ideal partner to produce the high precision aluminium StadiaPitch trays.

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Nutcracker Solutions was founded in Norway, by entrepreneurs from the sports stadium industry, with the sole purpose of developing pitch systems that are ideal for both sports and concerts.

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Funding and finance partners

Innovation Norway helps innovative companies bring their product to market. It is the Norwegian Government’s most important instrument for innovation and development of Norwegian enterprises and industry. It has financially supported StadiaPitch development throughout the research and development of the product.

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The Research Council of Norway is a national strategic and funding agency for research activities. It has financially supported StadiaPitch development throughout the research and development of the product.

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Export Credit Norway is a state-owned company that offer government supported, favourable long-term financing to stadiums anywhere in the world investing in a StadiaPitch.

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