A StadiaPitch consists of the following components:

  • a movable pitch consisting of turf modules;
  • automated guided vehicles (AGVs) which move the modules in and out of the stadium with millimetre precision;
  • a concrete floor on which to host events;
  • flexible storage solutions from, e.g. stored in the open air, to be stored integrated in the stadium construction with a state of the art climate control system to keep the turf modules in perfect growing conditions, and;
  • different pitch options, i.e. a half pitch, a whole pitch, or a two pitch solution.

Choose the solutions that works best for your business model.

A modular pitch

StadiaPitch is a world class pitch system for major sports stadiums where sports tournaments such as the Premier League, Champions League and World Cups are played. The pitch has from the start been specifically developed to meet the highest quality playing surface standards that are expected at these types of tournaments.

StadiaPitch is a modular hybrid grass pitch system designed, built and tested by the STRI Group, in cooperation with Bosch Rexroth, Sapa and Nutcracker. Each module is 4.5 x 9 meters in size and weighs about 25 tonnes.

STRI is recognised as the world-leading consultancy for sports turf research, design, construction and management. They are the consultants for FIFA and provide advice on development and maintenance of pitches to stadiums across the globe. Their team consists of world-renowned scientists and consultants, who support clients through all stages of pitch design and development, as well as providing comprehensive advice on turf management. Their goal is to ensure that the highest quality playing surface is achieved.

STRI is responsible for making our StadiaPitch vision a reality. STRI is conducting our grass research and our prototypes are being tested and built at their main research facility in UK. Their research team is responsible for designing a complete pitch system that, when managed correctly, consistently delivers a stadium pitch with premium grass quality. They are also engaged in StadiaPitch installation and maintenance and will support turf managers at future StadiaPitch stadiums to deliver successfully high-quality stadium pitches.

To learn more, go to the section devoted to the StadiaPitch research and Demo Centre.

An automated horizontal and vertical pitch module movement system.

Our vision is that  “The pitch should no longer limit your bookings”. This has guided us when we have developed the various technologies required for our unique movement system, the technologies that actually make our vision a reality. To make it possible for future clients to experience this vision, the pitch change-over process has to be:

  • fast, so the stadium no longer has to set aside many days for pitch change-over on their bookings’ calendar.
  • cost effective, so the cost of the change-over does not reduce the profitability of events.
  • precise, so that pitch quality is not reduced by the change-over process.
  • 100 % reliable and have a solid back-up solution, so the stadium never has to experience major delays.
  • smooth to operate, so venue operators are able to conduct events between match days – week after week, even during the playing season!

Bosch Rexroth has (in cooperation with STRI, Sapa and Nutcracker Solutions) designed a complete automated pitch change-over system that meets all of these criteria.

Bosch Rexroth is part of the Bosch Group, a global supplier of technology and services with over 300,000 associates and an annual sales of over 50 billion Euros. Bosch Rexroth is a leading drive-and-control company with more than 36,500 dedicated associates across the globe. The people of Bosch Rexroth apply their passion and expertise to create the world`s most powerful, precise, energy-efficient and innovative drive-and-control solutions. The StadiaPitch is exclusively sold through Bosch Rexroth, and they also act as the turn-key stadium contract partner.


A concrete arena floor

Events are held on a concrete arena floor with few restrictions as to what you can put on it: cars, trucks, cranes, the stage and thousands of fans – you name it, they can go on it! The clean, solid floor is ideal for all concert and event productions. The event organiser no longer needs to give any thoughts as to whether the pitch will be ruined by producing the concert on the pitch or by having concert-goers on the pitch. That is because the pitch will be safely stored in the storage building where it will enjoy the best possible growing conditions, getting ready for the next match. Installing fragile flooring tiles to protect the pitch is also no longer a problem, since the production is taking place directly on the concrete arena floor and so tiles are no longer required. The production crew can simply focus on their core business – namely, to produce their event as fast and as efficiently as possible. The concrete floor will have multicore runs for electrical and other cables built into it which will also help to make it easy to conduct events.

A pitch storage building with a climate control system.

The pitch storage building is where the pitch is stored during concerts and events. The building is equipped with a fully controllable state-of-the-art climate control system. The grass will enjoy the best possible growing conditions, optimising the pitch for the next game! The dimensions of the building will be defined by the specific needs of the stadium; its installation will not affect how the stadium is operated on match days or event days. The flexible building design makes it possible to install a StadiaPitch at almost any new or existing stadium.

Architectural drawings and further technical details can be supplied on request.