The StadiaPitch Research and Demonstration Centre

We welcome potential clients to our Research and Demonstration Centre at St Ives, Bingley, near Leeds, in England. Here, where we have four full size modules in place, visitors can see, feel and touch the grass and soil. They can examine the turf edges of each module and can see how perfectly the retain their shape and come together when moved to form a perfect join. Visitors can try their hardest to spot the joins between these modules with their own eyes – but they will not succeed!

Visitors can also see the research being conducted to develop the climate control specifications of the StadiaPitch Pitch Storage Building. For example, you can see grass being grown in climate chambers where the only light being used is from LEDs.  You will see that, despite the complete absence of natural light for many weeks, the grass looks very green, strong and healthy.

All your critical grass related questions will then be answered by STRI`s grass consultants and grass researchers to guide you through the StadiaPitch test site at St. Ives.



The Full Size Tray Research and Demonstration Site

This site is 360 m2 in area and consists of four full size modules, each measuring 4.5 x 9.0 meters.  The STRI research team conducts trials on this area to collect a range of data to enable the team to design the best system possible. As part of this process, they manage the playing surface in the same way as a world class pitch would be maintained to ensure the trial results are applicable to this standard of pitch. Run around on it and see for yourself!  Bosch Rexroth has installed a drive and control system under the modules, so we can move one of them. This enables us to show potential clients how good the edges appear when the modules are separated and what the joins look like when modules are brought together again after a “concert”. Take the StadiaPitch challenge and see if you can see the joins. We don’t think you will be able to do so!



The Small Tray Research and Demonstration Site

This site consists 60 1x1m modules. These were used to provide the STRI research team with a total of 240 turf edges, each 1m long, with which to screen a large number of different edge designs by subjecting them to a whole range of treatments. This has enabled the team to test and document the playability of almost any edge combination over the last two years to ensure the best design possible is used in the StadiaPitch modules.

The Growth Chamber Research and Demonstration Site

This site consists of six individual chambers. Each chamber is equipped with LED lighting, sensor technology, relevant software and hardware, and general infrastructure. This has enabled the STRI research team to test a whole range of different types and colours of LEDs over a two year period to determine the best LED design and set up to be used in the StadiaPitch Storage Building. It has also enabled the team to determine  how best to use the relevant software and to develop unique growth maintenance programmes and procedures for groundsmen to use while the pitch is in the storage building.

St. Ives Research Centre

STRI`s UK headquarter in West Yorkshire has an eight hectare plot devoted to the pursuit of sport turf perfection. St. Ives is the home of STRI`s sports surface design, advisory, research, business development and trial teams.

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